aboutZippz Studios

Zippz Studios is a small mobile application company based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. We were established in 2008 and our focus has been entertainment solutions on mobile platforms like Apple iOS and Google Android. We also do apps for small businesses. If you need an app done for your business we can do it!

We are currently seeking collaboration with local graphic artists. If you have a desire to design graphics for mobile applications that will be used by many please contact us at collaborate@zippzsoft.com.

  • Apple iOS

    We develop apps for Apple iOS.

    Our developers work to get apps out on the Apple app store for everyone to use. We have both free and paid apps.

  • Google Android

    We develop apps for Google Android.

    Publish apps on the Android marketplace or keep them in house.

  • custom apps

    We develop custom apps for you!

    Enhance your business' reachability with a custom iPhone, iPad, or Andriod app.